Realtor workshop & some quick tips

We got tired of watching ‘webinars’ or ‘workshops’ which were fairy tales sang by ‘high-ticket closers’, may as well have been featured on Cartoon Network.

We knew someone needed to create a proper Real Estate Workshop for 2020…

So we took it into our own hands to develop something which people can benefit from. We took industry leader on online infrastructure Wulluw & teamed up with Spencer Lodge, a world leader in sales & business development.

Personal branding is your most powerful tool in business.

People buy you, not your agency, not the product, you. Yet a lot of you are doing great by your agency, promoting its name, using it as the entry with your clients, business cards, website, all of it leading back to the agency. Which is great, for them. When a president wins an election, do you know the people that spent thousands of hours working on his campaigns, or do you remember the president’s name? 

Vice versa, you’re building the blocks and pathway for someone else, which isn’t a bad thing, we have agents and agency owners here today, but why not build your own pathway along the way. 

So how, how do you start building your own brand, your image and your business? 

Start by having your own listing website – Seriously, I see a lot of agents handing on their ‘agency’’ business cards, flyers and advert, they put a tremendous amount of effort into building the blocks for an agency, when in turn, from today you could starting putting together your building blocks for your future. It takes time, why start in 6 months, when you can start today, and in 6 months, you’re already where you want to be.

Pedro Ferro, Partner, The Investor US & Hong Kong

Agent & Agency websites within 48 hours for only $75 per month

Companies like Wulluw are seeing a boom during Corona crisis as agents and agencies have realised the increased benefit of allowing clients to have a great customer experience viewing properties online. Although traditional online viewings are still a good 90% prior to call ins, we’ve seen an increase in competition; meaning if your website is not up to date, mobile friendly or SEO optimised, you’re losing out.

Roofstock noted a 450% jump in traffic on its site from investors in Germany, a 250% surge in traffic from Australia and a 100% increase from the United Kingdom. 


Free SEO Report

You can run over to Yullux and get yourself a free SEO report within 24 hours. Their report will include a score /100 and will point out everything that needs fixing within your website in order to gain ranks and beat your competition.

Alternatively you can click here directly;

Listing Videos

Great way to show your client properties and an interactive way during this Covid crisis and another way to stand out amongst the thousands of listings. Either you can learn to do these on After Effects or you can get them designed by a creative agency.

We recommend using these listing videos for your 2m+ property listings where it’s really worth going the extra mile for your commission.

Comment and let us know what your opinion is on our list. Is there anything you’d like to add? Any pointers you’d like us to touch up on for the next workshop?

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