New Research Shows Pent-Up Demand For Private 5G Networks

One of the key things the pandemic has made clear is the value of connectivity. Internet connections have become a virtual lifeline, and there’s little likelihood that anyone is going to be willing to go back to either a work, school, or home environment that doesn’t have some type of always-on network.

While most of us right now are still leveraging our home WiFi networks, IT managers at organizations of all sizes (and even many consumers) have started thinking ahead and have recognized the need to build out a more robust set of connectivity offerings. Beefing up corporate WiFi networks is certainly part of those plans, but there also appears to be rapidly growing interest in cellular connectivity options as well. In fact, according to a recently completed survey, by TECHnalysis Research, of over 600 US-based IT decision makers at medium businesses (100-999 employees) and large enterprises (1,000+ employees), there’s enormous pent-up demand for installing private 5G networks at company sites around the country.

As Figure 1 illustrates, over half of the survey respondents said their companies plan to do so. (In a separate question, nearly three-quarters of respondents said they believe their company will eventually use a private 5G network, whether it’s installed by them, run by a telco, or potentially some other partner.) As the chart also demonstrates, these private cellular networks are not to the exclusion of or as a replacement for existing corporate WiFi networks. Rather, they are clearly an addition to those networks, as reflected by the similar percentage of respondents who said their organizations were planning to strengthen their WiFi networks as well. In fact, the interest in private 5G didn’t even preclude potential interest in creating private 4G LTE networks. Clearly, organizations are looking to put together a robust suite of overlapping offerings to ensure that employees have the widest range of connectivity options possible.

Source: New Research Shows Pent-Up Demand For Private 5G Networks

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