How Data Science Is Changing Our Social Visibility

Data science’s impact on our everyday lives has become even more profound as the technology develops. Big Data, alongside artificial intelligence and machine learning, form a permanent part of our online lives. Smart Data Collective even states that artificial intelligence will form an integral part of the future or social media. At the core of data science is artificial intelligence, which allows businesses to gain insight based on data it gathers from user interactions (or buys from social media providers). In this article, we’ll explore how data science impacts our social visibility.

Self-Improving Applications

AI is one of the most amazing and confusing modern fields currently in existence. The ability to create applications that can make their own decisions and learn from user input is a revolutionary feat. The complicated part comes from how AI thinks. As The BBC notes, even the people who design AI systems don’t always know how they come to their conclusions. However, despite this shortcoming, AI is still able to make some remarkably accurate predictions, given enough data. AI has been used in business before, and most companies that have an online presence have invested in an AI bot to interact with their customers when they can’t have a human doing so. This interaction also opens the door to another benefit of artificial intelligence to business.

Personalized Service

What if a business could customize every aspect of its service so that each consumer felt unique? Forbes mentions that personalized service tends to result in higher revenue for businesses. With AI working on the back end, companies could theoretically develop customized service for each of their customers. For example, AI could detect customers’ locations (so long as they’re not using a VPN to hide their address) and customize the landing page to their local language. It might seem like a small and insignificant detail but could have an enormous impact on how the customer views the business.

Data Science and AI’s Role in Social Media

By now, it’s evident that social media networks have invested heavily in the development of AI to help them manage their business. However, aside from developing AI agents that can successfully moderate platforms, social media networks have also developed systems that aid users. Most people who use Facebook, for example, will be familiar with its facial recognition system that suggests automatic picture tags once it spots your face. Advertisers can take this a step further by attaching a face to a user profile.

Social media also offers a unique and unprecedented look at how consumers think. Twitter’s hashtags are a perfect example of this. By simply looking at the trending hashtags, businesses can develop a picture of the current social issues facing their customer base. Since activism-based marketing is such a popular path these days, companies can use data science to refine these trending tags to understand the politics of their core demographic. As Impact points out, political stances could be leveraged to increase a business’s overall sales numbers.

The Lure of Easy Solutions

AI presents a handy tool, but it’s no silver bullet. Effectively utilized, AI can provide a valuable advantage to businesses and even push them towards being more profitable. This result depends on the type of data that the business collects and how useful it is in defining the business’s core demographic. As more data comes in, companies have the chance to hyper-focus on their consumers’ needs. Artificial intelligence and data science do provide a way to become more socially visible through the clever use of trending data and the knowledge of what a business’s core audience likes. As more users flock to social media, these targeting methods will only get better.

Source: How Data Science Is Changing Our Social Visibility

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