How AI Helping Government to Track Coronavirus

Professional executives from giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Apple met officials at Downing Street to discuss their role in this pandemic crisis. One of the topics discussed was their duty in “modeling and tracking data.”

Many companies were asked how they could leverage artificial intelligence solutions. In the last month’s report of WHO, it was stated that AI and big data were a major part of China’s response to the Coronavirus.

Sharing data with AI

Facebook and the researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health and the National Tsing Hua University working together, in Taiwan, sharing anonymized data of the individual’s moves and population density maps (high- resolution). This helps them forecast the virus spread.

Facebook is also helping partners understand the way people are talking about the pandemic, using tools like Crowdtangle that aggregates social media posts.

Earlier, Google search data was being used to track infectious illnesses. Verily, Google’s life science research arm is creating a small body-worn temperature patch to help people in tracking their personal health. This patch is able to transmit data to a mobile app. This technology will be helpful in the elder generation, where viral infections spread easily.

The team of Google is working 24X7 to protect users from conspiracy theories, phishing, misinformation, and malware. It is trying the best to deliver right information about COVID-19 to the users who are searching continuously about the virus.

Almost every app and website, regardless of its niche, is using an authorised source of information links to direct its users on the right page. Many social media platforms have restricted videos suggesting alternative cures to Coronavirus.

Finding Drugs with AI

Exscienta, a British based start-up company is now the first company to try an AI-designed drug molecule on humans earlier this year. It was found that traditional research methods took four to five for final output, whereas with AI, it just took 12 months for algorithms to achieve it.

AI could be applied in three ways during the current crisis:

  • To rapidly create vaccines and antibodies for Coronavirus
  • To design a drug to fight present and future Coronavirus outbreak
  • To scan through available drugs to see if any could be reused

Robot Assistance

The SMS (Sawai Man Singh) Government Hospital in Jaipur, India is using a humanoid robot to see if it could help and serve during the outbreak. This robot uses artificial intelligence and IoT technology and is battery operated. The robot is designed with a tray that can be used to carry medicines, food, and other medical or pharmaceutical objects to the patients. There is no need to navigate this robot as it has an automated navigation system that works without instructions.

Artificial Intelligence detected the Coronavirus even before it has appeared in front of the population. On December 31st, BlueDot company recognized the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, several hours after the first Coronavirus cases were tested positive by local authorities.

The speed and scale of AI made BlueDot the first company to detect this outbreak.

It is not just BlueDot company harnessing machine learning technology and AI to fight against the pandemic. Israel-based MedTech company Nanox has designed a mobile digital X-ray system. This system leverages AI cloud-based software to find new infections and help prevent outbreaks.

Nanox is working on this technology to bring a new standing X-ray machine that will be able to deliver tomographic images of the lungs. The company is preparing for the future and working on the machine so that it can be installed at public locations like train stations, seaports, airports, and other social gathering locations.

AI to track, identify, and forecast outbreaks

The best tracking reports will help in fighting the outbreaks. With proper analysis of news reports, social media posts, and official documents, AI can learn to track an outbreak.

AI to diagnose the virus

AI company Infervision released a Coronavirus AI solution to assist front-line healthcare workers in detecting and monitoring the infectious illness closely. Chinese giant e-commerce Alibaba also created an AI-based diagnosis software system that claims virus diagnosis in seconds with 96% accuracy.

AI to process healthcare claims

Ant Financial brings a blockchain platform to help boost claims processing and lower the amount of direct face-to-face interaction between nurses/ doctors and patients.

AI to deliver medical drugs and supplies

Drone delivery is getting popular these days. Drones are one of the safest and fastest options to get medical supplies during pandemic outbreaks. For instance, Terra Drone is utilizing its automated drones to supply medical samples and quarantine material with the least risk. Drones are even used for taking thermal images of the sites.

AI to design advanced fabrics for protection

An Israel based startup Sonovia has designed advanced face masks to arm healthcare systems and hospitals. These masks are made from anti-bacterial, anti-pathogen fabric that depends on metal-oxide nanoparticles.

AI to detect infected persons

SenseTime’s surveillance system used facial recognition technology and temperature detection technology to identify people with a fever. The government in China has also built a monitoring system – Health Code, which uses big data to detect and assess the risk of each person on the basis of their travel history, amount of time they spent in virus-infected areas, and exposure to people carrying Coronavirus.

AI to share information

People can access free online health consultation services using WeChat. The travel and tourism industry is already using chatbots as an essential communication tool to provide new updates to travelers about procedures and disruptions.

AI to prepare Coronavirus vaccine

The supercomputers of giant tech companies like DiDi, Tencent, and Huawei are being used by the research team to find the vaccine of the Coronavirus.

As COVID-19 is a global pandemic, AI and data science techniques are becoming essential help for societies to deal with this global outbreak.

Source: How AI Helping Government to Track Coronavirus

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